APEX ENGINEERING was the base company of APEC HOLDINGS

APEX ENGINEERING began as general works contractor for handling civil requirement Over the years, the group has undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, knowhow and experiences in design and build solutions, project management services, building trades and related engineering works.

Today, APEC HOLDINGS takes on the role of main contractor for small to medium size projects and performs project management services to coordinates specialist trades for industrial/commercial projects. We also provide design inputs and engineering solutions as value add services to our clients.



Our Designing techniques have redefined customer satisfaction with genuine care whilst maintaining highest quality standards in time with value added commitment.

We provide winning edge to the Client who have found in us a right partner who combines with quality, stability and customer-centricity.

Is not just designing and constructing bridges, safe and strong enough to withstand the ravages of floods, quakes and other natural calamities

APEC HOLDINGS plans a lot. We understand the importance of it and focus on plotting the exact outline of the plan you have in your mind for your dream building.

Lump sum contracts are sometimes referred to as 'fixed price 'or 'firm price' contracts.On a lump sum contract, a single 'lump sum' price is agreed before the works begin.

APEC Holdings Provides a Total Solution package for the steel frames and trusses design and fabricating for the residential and commercial sectors

Completed Projects

Our Ongoing Projects